Wednesday, 7 March 2012

My Little Kony Got Big

Kony 2012 has gone big. Real BIG. I've just watched the video and read through some of the comments, some were saying they'd seen the video while it was in still in the hundreds. Around 12 hours on, it's just smashed the 16,000,000 mark.

This man, and not forgetting his son, have made a viral sensation that's got the entire world talking. The American government will surely not be able to ignore it. To be fair, it even made me a little bit emotional at some point of the video. That in itself is an achievement.

However, here's my beef; firstly, it seems like a massive case of beasheepitis (also known as jumping on the bandwagon) and secondly, if the American military are going to get involved with the Ugandan military, is it for the right reason? I'm not an expert in this field and am easily swayed either way, but here's something to think about: OIL. Uganda's soils are rich with oil. I'll say no more.

If you haven't seen it here's the link to the video so you can make your judgement on it:

There will be an event in Lincoln on April 20th if anyone cares enough about it to get involved.

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