Monday, 12 March 2012

Word on the Grapevine

At 4am this morning, I think I've found something to post about. I was on my mobile, on the way back from work, looking through Facebook statuses and came across a couple of interesting ones:

If you were to type "Frank" into Google, what would you expect to see as the first suggestion? "Sinatra" or perhaps a drug awareness website? Nope. You get "Cocozza". A boy that considers himself the muts nuts, that was kicked out of The X Factor for openly admitting to taking drugs. He's more topical than one of the best swing singers of all time, apparently.

Another question for you... what can you buy for 2p? 2 English pence. I'd say sweet fa, or 1 skittle! Instead shops are now charging 2p for plastic carrier bags! Have a word.

One last question... WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO OUR WORLD?

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